We have loaded an additional 6 Tonnes of parcel ( Mixture of Bag, Carton Boxes…etc ) on top of the Pipe from chennai to Karagpur. Please refer the fully loaded picture below

Now, Let us see in detail the concept of Co Loading

MNC Lift manufacturer in Chennai ( Oragadam ) is loading around 100 trucks ( 20 Tons average Carrying Capacity ) a month to Eastern India and the average weight is around 8 Tonnes ( Pays for the 20 Ton weight ) and a MNC welding Rod manufacturer in Chennai ( Ambattur ) is loading around the same number of trucks with the same carrying capacity. If they both Co load it , The benefits will be

  • Both the MNC’s can cut their truck hire cost by 50 %
  • Can avoid the damages which are happening due to un Official Co Loading practiced by the Truck Operators
  • Can help in cutting Co2 emission by 3.1 Mn tonner per Year .
  • Please refer the UN document in detail to know about truck Carbon emissions.


    Interestingly, Both the MNC’s have declared in their website and on Financial statements that they are looking at ways and means of reducing carbon emissions from their Operations.

  • * We will be focusing on filling the truck with add on material on phase 1 & Co Loading will be started on phase 2.