best logistics truck

Who are we?

We are an Innovate IT startup headed by an IIM Bengaluru alumni, in the Indian truck rental space which is $150 BN in Market Size. Unlike most in this unorganized industry, we use IT enabled Services (ITeS) in shipping goods from one part of India to another. Hence, it would be ideal to call ourselves a Logistech company. The company was founded in November 2019 in the founder’s garage and, in 2021-22, we have made 37 million in revenue with half a million profit. We have shipped millions of tons of loads, practically from and to every nook and corner of India.

Why should you choose us?

We use IT enabled & Data driven solutions to identify the right vendors and bargain hard with them to get the lowest possible truck rentals for you. Our IT controlled processes ensure that we deliver your shipments at the earliest possible time with Zero damage. Further, our regular location updates give you peace of mind regarding your material’s location, when it is in transit.

Our Vision

Let us explain in detail. Currently India uses roughly 8 million trucks to ship materials across India. 50% of them are transported by Corporates and the balance 50% by MSME, Traders, Importers & Exporters. Corporates mostly have their logistic solutions in place and hence, are efficient in general. But in the case of MSME, Traders, Importers & Exporters their scale & ignorance regarding Vehicle types, their carrying capacities & utilization lead to a lot of inefficiency. Let us analyze them with some classic case studies.

Case study 1

A leading leather machines importer in Chennai has been shipping imported machineries from Chennai to places like Delhi, Haryana, UP, Maharashtra & Himachal pradesh. The importer was using separate LCVs to ship 4 to 5 machines, even for the same consignee. We gave them the alternative solution of shipping them with a single 40 Ft trailer by which we were able to save ₹1.9 lakhs in shipping cost and were also able to cut 18 tons of carbon emission overall.

Case study 2

A leading seeds segregation machine manufacturer has been shipping their small machineries to various places in India. They came to us with a requirement of 6.8 Ft Length * 4.5 Ft width * 7 Ft height weighing 350 KG machine to be shipped from Coimbatore to Kolhapur. Even though their machine is too small for a full vehicle load, they have been forced to deploy an exclusive Mini vehicle which will cost ₹22,000 rental normally and will emit 1.2 tons of carbon approximately.

We gave them a Part load solution in which we identified a vehicle which was carrying freight from Ernakulam (Kerala) to Mumbai with 6 Ft empty space at the back and arranged to load their machine in that empty space. In the process, the material was loaded last by the consignor in that empty space at Coimbatore and unloaded first by the consignee at Kolhapur after which the vehicle went on to deliver its primary load at Mumbai. Thus, we could get the material shipped directly from Coimbatore to Kolhapur, that too without a scratch. This gave a 40% rental savings to the customer and we could cut 1.2 Tons of carbon emission too.

Case study 3

Two SMEs came to us with a requirement of shipping 12*6*7 & 7*6*6.5 machineries from Chennai to Bhubaneswar & Cuttack respectively. Instead of placing two separate vehicles, we loaded both machines in a 19 Ft LCV vehicle, thereby cutting total shipment cost by 40% as well as reducing carbon Emission by 1.1 Ton.

Like this, we can go on giving examples about the inefficiencies in the transportation by MSME, Traders, Importers and Exporters. We have given the above case studies to illustrate our point of view on how we can add value to the above segment in cutting shipment Cost & Reducing Carbon Emission, with our IT enabled & Data driven solutions.