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We are an Innovative logistic Company , Who is Serving Customers,who are willing to Ship any material (with truck hire value more then 10000 ) across India. We serve customers by shipping at the Lowest Transit Time, Zero Damages & Lowest Cost in Indian Road Transport History.

Our Mission

No more empty space in trucks

50% of the trucks running on indian roads are partially empty. This results in a huge waste of resources and significantly adds to the pollution of our environment along with causing tremendous economic inefficiencies.
Our goal is to solve this problem!

IN next 5 years Time

We are going to reduce the number of trucks in India from 8 Mn to 6.4 Mn. Because currently the trucks are operating at 60% load factor & if we increase load factor to 80%, then truck numbers shall also be reduced by 20%.


Reduce Carbon Emission

Globally we have emitted 37.1 Bn tones of Carbon in the atmosphere & Indian trucks contributed 0.258 Bn Tones of Carbon Emission , Which is approximately 0.7% of Global carbon emissions.

Our Company

That means as a Company, We are going to serve Humanity by cutting Global Carbon emission by 0 .14%

About Ourself

Founded by an IIMB alumnus who started this business out of his garage & what has started as an IT start up at logistics space is now evolving as a huge service to humanity. You shall understand if we define it more clearly.
Man looking at watch
Man looking at watch

Who We Are?

When we realized that 50% of trucks in the industry were running empty and any solution to truck industry's problem couldn’t be found in the market, We have decided to solve the problem on a global scale.

How Existing System Works

Current material flow of Indian truck industry with a case study of material transport from chennai to kolkata explained below.
pickup from consignor

Standard Way of Logistics

The material is collected by any of the branch office of a Transporter / Parcel Operator in Chennai.
shipping to Chennai hub

Standard Way of Logistics

The collected material is moved to the Chennai Hub along with other materials once branch office is filled ( It will be a weekly or Bi Weekly process )
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How are we able do it ?

01. Our Idea

Every Month 10000 loads ( 16 , 19,2, 21, 25 & 30 Tonners ) are shipped ( Approximately )from Tamil Nadu & Kerala to East India ( Orissa, West Bengal, Jharkhand, Bihar, Assam, Nepal, Bhutan,Manipur, Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland & Tripura ).The above trucks are loaded on an average of 60 % of truck carrying capacity only . We are planning to club the materials on the via route to avoid multiple loading unloading , higher transit time and lesser carbon emission.

02. Execution

Let us say that you are a Customer From Chennai and wants to ship 3 tons of material to kolkota, Then any truck which is passing through Chennai and having 3 Ton space and weight left out will be shared with you through whatsapp prior to loading. We will also agree on the pricing and payment terms during that Time. If you are ok with space and other material to be loaded then you can ask that truck to Come to your place for loading.

03. Transit Time

You can load the material and since your’s will be the last loaded and First unloaded, You can be rest assured that your Material will reach safely and on Time.

04. Deliverables

Invoicing & E way bill generation will be the responsibility of the Customer. We will not compromise on the Service Levels & Payment Terms too.

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Let us leave a better world for our

The biggest threat Humanity is facing today is Global warming due to Higher Carbon Emission due to “ Human Activities “ . Now, We just want you to Remember that “ Transportation – Specially Truck Transportation “ is one of the major carbon emission activity of Humans. In our cases since we are loading Trucks which are already on the way to the end destinations & Your load is just an additional load , You will serve Humanity by reducing Carbon emission happens due to your load, if a separate truck is placed,

We Enhance Business

Boost your truck load capacity. Increase profits

  • Get extra assignments on your routes
  • Accept shipments when it best suits you
  • Manage your orders easily with us
  • Benefit from fast and guaranteed payment

Book a qualified carrier with ease, anytime

  • Book your shipment with trustworthy carriers
  • Receive an attractive price
  • Connect to hundreds of qualified carriers with partially loaded trucks

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